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Cauldwell Hall Road Baptist Church, Ipswich

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Cauldwell Hall Baptist, Ipswich: stark yet intriguing

This stark and yet intriguing 1960s building sits opposite to the late Victorian Gothic of St John the Baptist across Cauldwell Hall Road. The roof line and textures give hints of the 1960s work in the Borough of the Johns, Slater Haward partnership, but that large blank wall facing the road can never have been an evangelical asset. All in all, though, it is a brave, formal building with the kind of gravitas the Baptist movement achived by preferring classicism to the Gothic embraced in the 19th century by some of their less rigorous non-conformist companions. For this reason, Baptist church and Catholic Church buildings share a lot in common architecturally, even today.

There has been a real attempt in recent years to make this frontage friendlier - the outer fence has been removed, and there are cheery and inspiring notices on display. Each Baptist church is a unique, organic community of course, which is reflected in their variety of buildings, and is part of their beauty and fascination for non-Baptists like me.

Simon Knott, 2007


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