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St Peter, Culford Heath


The black and white photographs here are taken from the book The Culford Estate, edited by Clive Paine, and published by the Lavenham Press, 1993. They are NOT copyright of this site, and permission to republish should be obtained from the Lavenham Press Ltd, Lavenham, Suffolk.

The colour photographs are copyright (c)2000 Simon's Suffolk Churches, and non-commercial use is freely granted in exchange for a credit including the URL www.suffolkchurches.co.uk - thank you!

Above: St Peter on the day of its dedication by the Bishop of Ely, in 1865.

Below: The same view today.

Beside the church, the 1840 mission hall became a school. It closed in 1945.

Above: By 1968, the school had become a private house.

Below: Today, this building is completely derelict.

Below: in 1935, the school children lined up for a photograph. Some of these surnames can be found among the handful of graves in the churchyard.


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