At the sign of the Barking lion...

Suffolk Churches: The Best Of?

At the sign of the Barking lion... - a journey through the churches of Suffolk




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Every church is worth visiting. But which ones should the visitor not miss? Everyone has their favourites. The following lists should cover some of them! Each is a collection of lists, linked to the entries for individual churches.

MY TOP 60 SUFFOLK CHURCHES - well, it is difficult to place them in order, and the list changes slightly in my head every day. But if you visit all these you'll know you'll have seen many of the best ones, although it's all a matter of personal taste, you understand.

SIMON JENKINS' SUFFOLK CHURCHES as selected for England's Thousand Best Churches by Simon Jenkins. These are the ones he counts as Suffolk's best.

ROODSCREENS - churches with fine or interesting ones.

WALLPAINTINGS - where to see them.

ROUND TOWERS - typically East Anglian.

FONTS - including those seven sacrament ones.


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