At the sign of the Barking lion...

Suffolk Churches: my Top Sixty

At the sign of the Barking lion...

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There are about six hundred churches of any significance in Suffolk, including all of those built before about 1840, and so it is a difficult thing to reduce them to a Top 60. Over the last twenty-five years or so I have visited every one of those Suffolk churches at least three times, in some cases more. There is so much to take into account - the architecture, the setting, the furnishings, the atmosphere, the historical survivals, and most of all the 'wow-factor'. As of September 2022 these are my Top 60 Suffolk churches in order, but like all things this is subject to change.


1. Blythburgh

2. Westhall

3. Thornham Parva

4. Badley

5. Denston

6. Southwold

7. Ufford

8. Long Melford

9. Kedington

10. Westhorpe

11. Badingham

12. Hessett

13. Dennington

14. Stoke by Nayland

15. Kettlebaston

16. Lavenham

17. Gazeley

18. Nettlestead

19. Icklingham All Saints

20. Cotton

21. Hengrave

22. North Cove

23. Redgrave

24. St Mary, Bury St Edmunds

25. Hawkedon

26. Brundish

27. Thrandeston

28. Sotterley

29. Gipping

30. Little Wenham

31. Brent Eleigh

32. Wordwell

33. Flowton

34. Wingfield

35. Combs

36. Lakenheath

37. Framlingham

38. St Edmundsbury Cathedral

39. Eye

40. Mildenhall

41. Kersey

42. Hemingstone

43. Troston

44. Laxfield

45. Cowlinge

46. Rushbrooke

47. Ramsholt

48. Herringfleet

49. Barsham

50. Woolpit

51. Withersfield

52. Cretingham

53. Boxford

54. Huntingfield

55. Wissington

56. Little Thurlow

57. Ickworth

58. Fressingfield

59. Aspall

60. Kesgrave Holy Family


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